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PINARIE FOODS Lupin Ingredients is initiated under the constraints of the new lifestyle consumers who which to cook under their own ways for high nutritional recipes, also good for keto and vegan. 


Orange lupin vegetables with chargrilled squid in mint yoghurt

The early months of the year can feel a little less colourful, but when bright pink rhubarb comes into season it’s a sign that spring isn’t far away. The tartness of the rhubarb cuts wonderfully through the rich, warming spices of the chai custard that is swirled through the soft, crumbly cake. It’s the perfect treat to take you through the transition from colder days to warmer, brighter afternoons, with a cup of tea in hand.


120g. Rings of fresh squid,
20g. Dill chopped
40ml. Lemon juice
5g. Paprika
40ml. Olive oil
Salt and pepper

Mint yoghurt
300ml Buttermilk/yoghurt
80g. Cucumber peeled,
seeded and nely

20g Fresh mint
2 Garlic cloves
Fresh mint leaves to garnish
Salt and pepper

Orange lupin
200g Lupin grits
200ml. Orange juice
5g Cinnamon
10g Cumin
50ml Honey
60ml Olive oil
50g Orange segments
Salt and pepper

100g Small pieces peppers
10g Mint leaves
60g Kalamata olives
60g Diced tomatoes
40g Thin slices onions


  1. Soak lupin grits in hot water for 20 min and drain.>
  2. Cook the lupin grits using orange juice for 15 min.
  3. Lupin should absorb all the liquid while cooking, if necessary sprinkle some water
  4. After the lupin grits has nished cooking, carefully mix honey, cinnamon, cumin and olive oil before seasoning.
  5. Allow the lupin to cool and then mix it with the vegetables and orange segments.
  6. Season squid with salt, pepper, paprika, lemon juice and olive oil and chargrill the squid.
  7. Cut the chargrilled squid into strips and place them on prepared salad.
  8. Sprinkle dill on top.
  9. Mix all the ingredients for mint yoghurt and season to taste.

Lupin Muffins

Tart of lupin with crusted salmon on cumin potato puree