Our seeds grow good from

something ordinary with the kindness of

Thailand and Australia. 

Our farm owned and operated by the Quartermaine family. Australian business partners Mr Glen and Mr Todd Quartermaine with very big lands in Western Australia, comprising of over 20,000 acres 

(8,000 hectares or 51,000 Thai RAI)

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Australian Sweet

Lupin Information

We start to pick up 

the best of our seeds 

and dehull it to collect kernel.




Pinarie brand provides you

healthy snack that you don't have to eat less. Including 2 flavours: Onion & Chive and Sea Salt.

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Snack you can eat everyday 

without feeling guilty.

Including 2 flavours:

Tom Yum and Sour Cream

& Onion


Food Ingredients which provide full of nutrients.  There're 4 products which are Lupin Split, Lupin Flake, Lupin Crumb and Lupin Flour.

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Customer service:

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