Lupin Falafel Balls



150g          Lupin grits
25g            Plain our
50g            Fresh coriander

50g            Italian parsley
1 tbs          Cumin powder
1⁄2 tbs         Baking powder

chopped 50g spring onions (greens only)


Oil for deep frying


SOURCE: GIWA Australian Sweet Lupin Recipes


1.  Soak lupin grits in hot water for 20 min.

2.  Drain the soaked lupin and rinse in

     a running cold water.

3.  Mix all the ingredients lupin, coriander,                 spring onions and parsley in a blender and           make into smooth paste.


4.  Season with cumin and salt.

5.  Stir the baking powder in the above mix.

     Heat the oil to 180 C.


6.  Roll the falafel mix into small balls

     about 30-40 gms.

7.  Flatten slightly and deep fry

     them in hot oil.

8.  Temperature of the oil should be adjusted           according to the size of the falafel balls.

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